Cleveland home owner posts the best house photos we’ve ever seen.

When buying a house, there are many factors to consider. Is it a good neighborhood? Is it near my workplace? Is it the best place for a dinosaur to live and thrive?

t rex house 1

This house posting, featured on the real-estate website Zillow this week, shows a lovely three-bedroom house in Old Brooklyn that boasts exposed brick, new bamboo flooring, and a refinished porch.

There’s also a bright pink Tyrannosaurs Rex prowling the estate.

t rex house 2

The T-Rex, who can be seen looking wistfully out the windows, taking a risque open-curtain shower, and flipping through TV stations on the couch, isn’t mentioned in the description, so we’ll assume it’s not part of the deal.

We wish the best of luck to the selling of this home, as well as a peaceful transition to wherever the T. Rex is re-locating.

t rex house 5

t rex house 3

t rex house 4