It’s 2 very Cleveland things in 1: A Christmas Story pierogi party

This year you can celebrate Christmas with three Cleveland staples: the movie A Christmas Story, freshly made pierogis, and drinking during cold weather.

Get into the season feelings at this Christmas Story pierogi party, held Saturday November 23rd at A Little Birdie Wine Nest (6060 Broadview Road, Parma). The event is the result of a team-up between Little Birdie’s Robin Schulze bringing the wine and Rudy’s Strudel & Bakery’s Lidia Trempe rolling out the pierogis.

Tickets for the event are $27.50 per person will include four wines and a glass of their exclusive “Ovaltine” cocktail, paired with four handmade pierogi plates.

There pierogis, all themed to the 1983 classic movie, will include:

  • “Meatloaf, schmeatloaf, double-beatloaf” pierogi
  • “Plymouth Rock” pierogi, filled with turkey and stuffing
  • “Mother” pierogi, filled with cheese and potato
  • Pumpkin cheesecake pierogi

For dessert, a little kolachki, of course.

Right now, the event has proved very popular, already selling out two of their three time slots. There are still seats available for the 8pm seating head over to the Eventbrite site for tickets.

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