“Cloak and Dagger” is bringing vegan craft cocktails and food in an intimate setting

With a mysterious name that evokes mystery and romance, "Cloak & Dagger" is a Cleveland cocktail bar looking to push limits.

Making your mark in the world of craft cocktails and food is a tall order, but the Tremont area’s newest cocktail bar “Cloak & Dagger” is looking to do just that.

Bar co-owner Casey is a ten-year food and drink service veteran who is committed to building a food and drink experience that will keep expanding and pushing boundaries. Set in a slightly Victorian-bent atmosphere (although you can also find photos of pro wresters on the wall), you won’t find any TVs or Keno machines. With a focus on making the guest time experience-based, Cloak & Dagger wants you to focus on your company…and on their food and drink.

An all-vegan menu that rotates seasonally, the theme of each menu focuses on a particular book. Once the book is chosen the whole staff comes together to pitch and determine what will be on offer.

When you’ve checked out our video, you can look over all of Cloak & Dagger’s menu here, and see the construction of one of the their most popular drinks – called the “Swamp Thing” – here.