This couple got married at a McDonald’s in 1977, and the pictures are amazing

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You may think you’re “doing your own thing” by having a wedding near an old barn or a waterfall, but if you want to see a unique wedding, check out this amazing couple getting married at a McDonald’s in 1970’s.

Cleveland couple Kenneth & Sheila Gibson had their wedding on July 23rd, 1977 at the McDonald’s Kenneth managed on Lee Road. Kenneth was 20, and Sheila was 18, and they had recently celebrated the birth of their first child. In the late 70s, McDonald’s weren’t on every street corner the way they are today – at the time, there were less than 5,000 worldwide. Kenneth asked if he could hold their marriage ceremony at the fast-food stop, and they agreed…as long as they wouldn’t have to close during the wedding.

That’s how it came to be that amid customers ordering Big Macs and fry baskets being dropped inside, the Gibsons exchanged vows in an outdoor ceremony, and took some of the best wedding photos we’ve ever seen. White and powder-blue suits, afros and a burgundy Cadillac let you know exactly what year you’re in.

Fast-forward nearly 45 years later, and one of the Gibson’s sons, Dewan did us all the favor of posting the pictures on his personal website, where you can see even more pictures of the big day.

And yes, Kenneth and Sheila are still married. And yes, they are still adorable.

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