Create The Plum’s “BK Dymacel” cocktail with our weekly “Drink This” series

Bar manager Ritesh Singh shows you how to create a refreshing and floral cocktail named after a 90's basketball fashion.

If you grew up as a basketball fan in the 1990’s, the term “BK Dymacel” will conjure up the sneakers created by shoemaker British Knights. The puffy EXXTREME shoes were marketed to kids seemingly every hour of the day on TV, making them objects of lust to any would-be Jordan.

Well, we’re not kids anymore (unless you are a kid reading this, in which case, stop reading the “Drinks!” section of this site until you’re 21) but we can pay homage to the dreams of our youth by ordering up a cocktail named after the BK Dymacel sneaker.

Modeled as a twist on the classic “Bee’s Knees” cocktail (Bee’s Knees – B.K. – British Knights, do you get it?) this cocktail takes the base of gin, lemon and honey and adds complex tastes of aperitifs to the mix. The drink is available at The Plum in Ohio City (4133 Lorain Ave), a spot known for elevating classic staples and new flavors.  Bar manager Ritesh Singh shows us how to create the spot-on combination of sensations.

Welcome to our new weekly series at CLE Weekend: “Drink This”. Every Wednesday we’ll be asking Cleveland-based bartenders their libation recommendations. They’ll cover everything from beer to wine to cocktails, all chosen with an eye on local business and great taste. See you next week!