Crowning itself with the title of “Ohio Style Pizza”, the Ohio Pie Co. is open for business

The Ohio Pie Co. is serving up pizza with a distinctive twist, and claiming the new regional title of "Ohio Style Pizza" in Brunswick

The Ohio Pie Co. (1315 1/2 Pearl Rd Brunswick) is open for business, bringing a style of pizza that they’ve crowned “Ohio Style”.

Ohio Style pizza is a round, square cut pie with a mid-thick crust, and cheese that goes all the way to the edge. The biggest twist is the sauce placement: a sweet red spiral that lays atop the cheese, along with a second spiral of garlic sauce. In doing so, the crust both stays crispy all the way into the center, allowing the sauce to hit the tongue before other flavors.


While owners Nick Robson and Aaron “Pants” Sechrist claim pepperoni as their go-to topping, they’re offering a wide variety of toppings. There’s the “Biodome” (veggie), the “Basic B” (white pie), and the Saturday and Sunday morning only brunch pies, featuring “everything” crust, and breakfast-style options like eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Vegan options are also available.