The Dark Horizon’s blackberry taste is a beacon of balance

LBM, the award-winning cocktail bar in the Lakewood area, creates a cocktail that combines rum, gin and a blackberry shrub.

The Dark Horizon is a cocktail with ingredients that may seem disparate. Pouring together rums, gin and a blackberry shrub may bring back ill-advised nights of sampling everything at the bar, but this combination manages to find an unexpected balance that has made this drink a favorite at Lakewood’s LBM bar.

LBM brings the spirit of black metal to Cleveland

LBM is an Nationally recognized award-winning bar that focuses on creating original twists on classic cocktails, as well as brand-new concoctions dreamed up by owners Eric Ho and John Gibian. With a decorating style of carved wood, Nordic axes and black metal imagery, this bar serves up delicate cocktails in a mead-hall setting. It’s a perfect place to warm your heart on a chilly Fall day.