“DayGloSho”: An all-blacklight art show with an inner glow

DayGloSho is a gallery art show at the Waterloo Arts space that gives 40 artists DayGlo paint and unlimited creativity.

When you think of artwork under blacklight, you likely think of flocked velvet posters with flying unicorns and giant mushrooms. DayGloSho, a gallery showcase of over forty artists at the Waterloo Arts space (15605 Waterloo Rd) that runs through the month of March, is looking to break out of that perception.

Now in it’s seventh year, DayGloSho worked alongside Cleveland business DayGlo paint, giving the commissioned show artists paint directly from the factory, with complete creative freedom to make whatever they wanted. Some artists, like¬†Krista Tomorowitz, dyed fabrics directly in the paint to make their glowing fashion pieces. Others, like graphic artist Don Picton, relied on traditional screen printing to create his eye-popping prints.

As Executive Director of Waterloo Art Amy Callahan and show curator Angela Oster will tell you, the experience of attending is like getting two shows in one. With the gallery completely lit by blacklight, visitors will see the work all aglow. But by putting on a pair of the complimentary “Rainbow” glasses, the work suddenly pops off the wall with a 3-D effect. Colors seem to float over each other, and off the walls. Wild, man.

DayGloSho opens today, and runs through the month of March at the Waterloo Arts space. 15605 Waterloo Road, Cleveland. Gallery hours are Wednesdays from 12-7, Saturdays 12-4. Appointments can be requested for other times can be made by writing info@waterlooarts.org. Admission is free for all. You can learn more at the DayGlo website.

An opening reception is being held tonight, March 1st. The event runs from 6pm until 10pm. The event page is here.