Despite the name, Cloak & Dagger’s “Swamp Thing” is a light cocktail built for Summer

Brandon Morris, bartender at Cleveland's "Cloak & Dagger" cocktail bar, brings you the "Swamp Thing". A seasonal cocktail that blends the flavors of Summer into a glass.

Even though the name may evoke a thick bog, the “Swamp Thing” couldn’t be more refreshing.

A concoction currently on the menu in the Tremont area’s newest cocktail bar “Cloak & Dagger”(2399 W. 11th),  the drink is a frothy (and vegan) mixture of snap peas, mint, thyme, coconut and other flavors. Its creator, Brandon Morris, describes it as close to a pina colada. When you taste it, however, you’ll see that it’s a world away from any kind of sticky-syrup drink. The drink is, like everything on the menu, only available seasonally, so be sure to make the trip before the new Fall selections are revealed.

You can check out Cloak & Dagger’s website and full offerings here, and learn more about the bar in our profile video.