Drink coffee with kitties in Cleveland’s new cat cafe

If you’ve ever been hanging out in Starbucks, and thought to yourself: “This place would be way better if they had cats”, good news! Your day has come. The newly opened affoGATO Cat Cafe (761 Starkweather Ave) has come to Cleveland .

The concept is already a staple in Japan, and gaining quick popularity in America; the cat cafe is a place you can visit with adoptable cats in a coffeehouse environment.

How it works

affoGATO Cat Cafe is separated into two rooms. The entrance room is the cafe, where the coffee, tea and treats are served (so no one has to worry about cat hair in their latte) with a large window looking that looks into the cat lounge.

cat cafe room
Imagine this room, but with 16 cats. (Image from affoGATO site)

Up to sixteen adoptable cats (visiting courtesy of the Cleveland Animal Protection League) will be in the lounge, and fifteen people at a time can book hour-long reservations to interact with them. You can play with the cats, or set up your laptop and have a unique telecommuting session.

Going to the main cafe is free, but visiting with the cats costs a separate fee per session. While walk-ins will be taken whenever possible, reservations are strongly encouraged. An hour-long cat hangout is $10 weekdays ($8 for students), $12 for weekends. You can also buy a ten-hour weekday pass for $49, and really get your feline time value.

kirby cat
Kirby, one of the adoptable cats from affoGATO

While being able to chill out with the cats in a big setting is fun, affoGATO is committed to its mission of finding these kitties loving and permanent homes. So if you’re looking for a little temporary feline fix, or thinking of taking in a cat into your life, affoGATO is a place to check out.