The Emerald Aviation – A shimmering jewel of a cocktail

With its base of Gin and Creme de Violette, Sirjoon Elassl of the Spotted Owl builds the Emerald Aviation cocktail, green glowing variation on a classic.

Like a jewel glittering beneath a cover of clouds, the Emerald Aviation cocktail is a very visually appealing drink. A concoction of the Spotted Owl in the Tremont neighborhood (710 Jefferson Ave), this twist on the classic Aviation has a refreshing taste all its own.

The normal Aviation is a recipe that goes back to 1916, where the combination of gin, lemon juice, and Creme de Violette was named in honor of the still-novel idea of airplane flight. The drink didn’t really become popular until decades later, due to the scarcity of the violet liqueur, which gives the drink its purple hue. Now bartender Sirjoon Elassial magically transforms the traditional color from purple to a cool green, thanks to a surprising variation: clarified lemon juice. By putting the juice into an industrial centrifuge, the molecular transformation doesn’t just make the coloring different – it creates a smoother drink profile in general.

The Spotted Owl offers a unique bar experience, including the option to order from a “Cocktail Wheel”, where you can have a one-of-a-kind concoction based on your mood and preferred taste profile. While it might not fully transport you to Oz, the Emerald Aviation takes you to an emerald city all its own.