This exclusive Taco Bell item is only available in Cleveland

We’ve breathlessly reported on Taco Bell stories in the past, mostly because Cleveland has become the de facto location for testing out new menu items before either being released nationwide, or getting the boot from the menu.

There’s a new exclusive Taco Bell menu item that is ONLY available in Cleveland locations right now: the “From Our Cantina” Quesadilla.

"From Our Cantina" Quesadilla

This quesadilla is stuffed with grilled steak, cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack, roasted poblano peppers, and avocado ranch.

It’s served with chips and guacamole as well. It’s a heartier offering than other quesadilla, and is meant to offer the Cantina-like experience at regular Taco Bells. It can be ordered as is for $6.49, with grilled chicken instead of steak for $5.49, or vegetarian for $4.49.

Check out how to book an exclusive Taco Bell party at the downtown Cleveland location here.