You can finally live the dream of owning a hot dog couch

hot dog couch

So you’re finally going to take the plunge, and re-decorate the living room? But what says “you”? Searching through Pinterest pages and home decor Instagram accounts isn’t giving you any new ideas. You need something that will inspire you anew each morning. Also, you are getting pretty hungry. Ah-ha! Of course! It was so obvious. A hot dog couch.

You need to purchase the Seletti Sofa “Hot Dog” to be the piece that will center your new dream room. Italian-made from polyester, leather and linen with a sturdy wooden frame, this mouth-watering furniture will be sure to make your guests say: “Oh! Will you look at that!”

Observe the shapely white bread chic of the “bun cushions”, dappled with sesame seeds. Look at that long, mustard-enhanced leather frankfurter, and throw pillows of tomato and pickle slices (we must be in Chicago).

Created exclusively for Neiman Marcus, and costing $7,100 (don’t forget nearly $300 for shipping), this is the “wow” factor that your life could use. At the least, you are going to provide the biggest selfie-station on your block.

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