Now you can get steak and booze mixed in with your ice cream, you maniac

Photo: Longhorn Steakhouse

We’ve brought you news of sweet stuff and meat stuff being combined into one offering before, and here’s the latest limited-time offering that will appeal to your carnivorous and sugary cravings at once.

Longhorn Steakhouse, that prominent meat-and-potatoes stalwart of the shopping center, is serving up a Steak & Bourbon Ice Cream for a limited time in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Tampa…and Cleveland.

Beginning July 1st, Longhorn will start selling the savory confection, which their website assures you will feature “bits of steak and swirls of bourbon caramel in every spoonful”. Longhorn also promises it’s the only time their steaks will ever be frozen. Topped with bourbon caramel sauce, whipped cream and “steak sprinkles,” (is this how you re-brand Bacon Bits?) the ice cream will be available for $3.99 at select locations.

So if you’ve ever been standing at the grill, ice cream cone in hand, dreaming that the two flavors could come together, you can quit dreamin’.