Hate doing laundry? This friendly robot will fold your clothes

In the 1950’s, the future was imagined as overrun with helpful robots. When you got home from your job in the space lab, traveling through a pneumatic tube, a little robot chef would make your favorite foods in an instant, and a robot masseuse would rub your sore back.

While we may not be living that present-day reality, we can at least get some help with one of the most boring chores in life: folding laundry.

The adorably-named FoldiMate is a laundry-folding robot that only has two desires: making your clothes look like an obsessive perfectionist is in charge of your closet, and being your friend.

The four-foot high, two-foot wide machine looks a little like a computer printer stacked atop a mini-fridge. You just place your clothes into the upper section, and the FoldiMate folds them into perfect little squares. Your home will look like a display counter at The Gap in no time!

What the FoldiMate can fold: Clothes size “Age 6” to XXL, towels and pillowcases. What it can’t: Baby clothes, socks, underwear, sheets, hoodies.

Don’t rush out yet to buy one, as they’re only on a pre-order basis. They will be available in “late 2019”, and at a price point of $980. But for perfect crease lines, and eternal friendship, isn’t that worth it?