Highlights from Brite Winter 2019 (photos)

The Brite Winter festival, now in its tenth year, transforms the West Bank of the Flats into a celebration of art, music, and all-around creativity.

The non-profit event featured multiple music stages and “art experience tents” with the travel themes of “By Land”, “By Sea” and “By Air”. Here's some highlights from this Cleveland tradition in 2019.

Brite Winter Festival’s welcoming ice sculpture.

This skeletal prop plane sets the tone for this years “Travel” theme.

Outdoor games, like this Solar System Slingshot, challenged fest-goers.

Lights created a magical glow beneath the Detroit bridge.

An ice sculptor puts the finishing touch onto a piece, smoothing out the corners with a blowtorch.

Taking a quick photo, inside one of the many free-standing art pieces.

Over 40 bands performed at Winter Brite, including rock band Ottawa.

Ray Flanagan & the Authorities plays in McCarthy’s Pub.

Hoop dancing in the “By Land” art experience tent.

The “By Air” tent featured a makeshift airplane interior, complete with air steward safety demonstrations.

It may be post-Festivus, but Feats of Strength were still performed.

Local artists, like Bill Kribbs, showed off their wares.

Rock stars you can cuddle with, from Ashley Fultz-Ross

Tim Moon sings and plays keyboard on the “Under the Bridge” stage.

Mourning (A) Blkstar takes the Main Stage.

DJing from Memorabilia Productions

A rapt crowd takes in the music.

Fire and Light Performing Arts wowed the crowd with blazing dance.

Swinging flames, courtesy Fire and Light Performing Arts.

This octopus served as assistant bartender in the “By Sea” tent.

Setting up a little outdoor bowling.

Rollin’ Buckeyez provided a boogie wonderland with classic rollerskating.

This fearsome sea creature greeted people into the “By Sea” entrance.

A fleet of paper airplanes take off within the Hanger building.

A fiery ice pyre serves as a dramatic monument to the 10 years of Brite Winter.

Want to see a highlight video from Brite Winter 2019? Click here.