Hit the road with Cleveland Motorcycle

Designing, manufacturing and customizing motorcycles, Cleveland Cycle Werks / Cleveland Motorcycles are creating affordable and stylish bikes.

Since 2009, Scott Colosimo has been looking to make great-looking and affordable motorcycles and the name “Cleveland” synonymous with one another. At the rate his business is growing, he’s well on the way.

With a shop that’s located in the Gordon Square section of Ohio City, Colosimo oversees two sides of the motorcycle business: Cleveland Cycle Werks, which designs, develops, engineers and manufactures motorcycles; and Cleveland Motorcycle, a customization shop.

In order to produce lightweight, customize-ready motorcycles that wouldn’t break the customers bank, Colosimo turned to a “keep it simple” approach that stripped the bikes down to basics. He focused in onto the “edge of seat” feeling for speed, fast turning and a classic design.

This sort of thinking of bikes that gets away from the typical American-built “bigger is better” ideals is already broadly popular overseas, allowing Cleveland Motorcycle to have partnered with over 100 dealer locations, selling in countries like Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, India and Korea. Despite the international appeal, Colosimo says that the philosophy is gaining traction in America, with ideals firmly rooted in Cleveland.  “This is a blue-collar, working-class town. These bikes are a reflection of that.”

If you want to check out the selection of bikes, CycleWerks is hosting a “Homecoming” party at their shop location on July 28th, from 9AM to 6PM (1265 W. 26th Street).  You can demo a bike (as long as you bring the proper licence and gear) and enjoy food and beer (Free!). Check out the event details here.