It’s taco Tuesday! Here’s 5 great places to try

Taco Tuesday! An idea that has become a ubiquitous tradition among many restaurants, because 1) people love tacos, 2) people love deals, and 3) menu writers love alliteration.

There's something truly wonderful about a cardboard holder weighed down with two or three tortillas stuffed with savory, spicy and fresh fillings when the weather is warm. Whether you enjoy the hefty fried corn style or petite soft flour variety, the possibilities are nearly endless. Here are five taco stops you should try on the quest to fulfill your cravings for the Mexican staple.

El Jalapenos

El Jalapenos in Lakewood (1313 W. 117th Street, Lakewood) offers a deal that anyone can dive into: $1.00 Taco Tuesdays. Or technically, $1.25. But still. That’s pretty great. With a big dining room and patio, load up your family and friends and treat the ones you like the most.

Adding to the appeal is the “make your own taco bar” that lets you add as much salsa and toppings as you want. It’s a little like the taco bar that Wendy’s had in the 80’s, but everything is way fresher and better and there’s not a big tub of chocolate pudding in the middle of it. You know, this analogy is faulty, and I’m sorry I started it.

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La Plaza Supermarket

You can’t beat a taco cart, and La Plaza Supermarket (13609 Lakewood Heights Blvd, Cleveland) has an amazing one parked right outside the store all Summer long. After eating your fill, be sure to peruse the aisles for a grocery selection that’s hard to find elsewhere.

These tacos are so in demand, they recently expanded their taqueria and seating area, but long lines can still form during peak mealtimes. It’s worth it.

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Sachsenheim Hall

Sachsenheim Hall (7001 Denison Ave, Cleveland) sells tacos on Tuesdays, and not on any other day. It’s like Brigadoon, the fictional Irish island that only appears once every hundred years, except it’s Mexican food once a week.

If you are a fan of sauces, look no further. There’s a big table that’s covered with over 20 different kinds of sauce you can dump onto your tacos to your hearts content.

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Coastal Taco

A creative selection of taco fillings, with a emphasis on fresh seafood? Check. Drink specials to go along with the taco specials? Check. But what really takes Coastal to the next level is the amazing view of the river off the East Bank of the Flats.

With its beach house theme, you can almost imagine that you’re eating on the coast of Florida when the sun hits just right.

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Lincoln Park Pub

Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy. Sometimes you are hungry and you need a pile of basic tacos at 11pm with a cheap beer(s). That’s Lincoln Park Pub.

Tacos? $1.25. Mexican Beers? $2.25. They don’t have a website, a Facebook page or nothin’! They do have a jukebox, though. And they are open until 2AM. Have at it!

What more needs to be said? These are in no way the only great tacos, or great deals in town. Rest assured, we will never stop until we've tried them all.