Kids can design their own town with a Cardboard Play Street

Family Craft time! Kids can plan their own streets, rivers and neighborhoods when they make a Cardboard Play Street! All you need is paper and imagination.

When you’re playing with toy cars, every floor becomes the open road. But why not design your own street system, complete with rivers, bridges, houses…anything your imagination can come up with? You can, when you create a Cardboard Play Street! The best part is that the layout can always change to whatever you want it to be.

All you’ll need is cardboard, a ruler, some markers or paint, and something to cut with. (Of course anytime you’re cutting, make sure an adult is supervising OR doing the cutting!) Pretty soon you’ll be urban planning with the best of them. What kind of environments can you create? You might make a desert, a forest, or even the moon. You can go anywhere you want.

Just check out the video above to see how it’s done.

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