This Lakewood home is like a 1970’s time capsule

In the market for a new home, but you want something a little different? A house that will include, among other things, a purple toilet?

Welcome to 17828 Lake Road in Lakewood Ohio, located on a stretch of road that is known for its large houses overlooking a cliffside view of Lake Erie that’s to die for.

The building recently went up for sale, and while the exterior of the home has the look of a “modern living” home from the Brady Bunch era, it contains interiors that are basically a 1970’s time capsule.

Here’s a view of the backyard. Pretty tasteful and normal (with the exception of the cliff), right?

This is some modern living! Everything very shiny and space-age, with natural wood keeping everything from getting too “space station”. Just wait, we’re getting there.

Still playing it cool downstairs. Two-story lava rock fireplace, sure. But this could still make it onto the pages of Martha Stewart Living.

Now we’re cooking, like with food, do you get it? You cook food in the kitchen! That’s a very funny joke, and your laughter reading it will almost be as loud as the yellow-and-silver accented kitchen.

Welcome to the first bathroom. Light not bright enough for you? Just polish the walls. Now let’s go upstairs…

BOOM. Now we are talking! Bold wallpaper, puffy tulip headboard, and purple, purple, purple!

Did you know that purple toilets were available for purchase? Neither did we until today.

If you don’t have time to look in the mirror, just look in the hallway wallpaper.

Like a pool of blood in a sea of plaid (that would be a great mystery novel title), this hot-red pool table rests on a tile design fit for a sportscaster’s jacket.

The plaid can’t stop, won’t stop.

Like something out of The Shining, this is the spare bedroom you give the guest you want to have vivid nightmares.

No, the toilet isn’t red. That would be too much.

Was this a sarcastic response to the previous room? “I don’t know about the red room, honey.” “OH DON’T YOU WORRY.”

If you want to check out the entire real estate posting, you can find it on Zwillow. 

Or you can put in a bid for the house! Right now it’s listed at $1,450,000. The site says you can “embrace the retro style or make it your own 20th century contemporary lake house.” We are pleading with you now: If you buy this house, please please do not remove that parrot wallpaper.

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