LBM’s Trinidad Sour goes heavy on the bitters, with a smooth result

Lakewood's award-winning cocktail bar LBM creates a Trinidad Sour that turns bitters into smooth sailing.

When building the Trinidad Sour at Lakewood’s Viking metal themed cocktail bar LBM (12301 Madison Ave, Lakewood), you either go hard, or go home. Leaning into this drinks full ounce of Angostura bitters, it can sound like an overload of herbal flavor. But combined with a house-made pistachio orgeat (a blended nut milk syrup) it turns one of the oldest bar flavor standbys into a smooth and creamy taste that you can keep returning to.

LBM is an Nationally recognized award-winning bar that focuses on creating original twists on classic cocktails, as well as brand-new concoctions dreamed up by owners Eric Ho and John Gibian. With a decorating style of carved wood, Nordic axes and black metal imagery, this bar serves up delicate cocktails in a mead-hall setting. It’s a perfect place to warm your heart on a chilly Fall day.