There’s a LEGO-themed pop-up bar coming this Summer

There’s Lego movie, Lego stores, Lego art exhibits, so why not a Lego bar?

“The Brick Bar”, a Lego-themed pop-up bar, is on a worldwide tour. The pop-up is partially constructed from 1 million Lego bricks, and will be stopping in Cleveland from July 12th to 14th. (It’s not called the “Lego Bar”, because Lego isn’t connected with the event.)

The Brick Bar press release hasn’t announced an official site location yet, but promises “building competitions for prizes, a table tennis competition played on a lego built table with over 22,000 bricks, a wishing well and more”, all with a live DJ, ball pit, specialty drinks and food.

Yikes, that is some bright food.

To attend the event you’ll need to sign up for pre-release tickets from the Brick Bar website. The tickets are $25, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. All ages are welcome, but anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.¬†Also be sure to wear shoes, have you ever stepped on a Lego?