Local man builds Lido Lounge for squirrels

In these uncertain times, we have all responded differently to the pandemic of COVID-19. Maybe you taught yourself to bake, or finally started reading Infinite Jest. Or maybe you built a squirrel-sized replica of a local notorious strip club.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle “Zarkerelli the Don” has created a feeding area for his backyard animal friends in the form of Cleveland’s 117th street staple, Lido Lounge.

Lido Lounge, the black box of adult entertainment, is known city-wide for being…uh…very affordable. But rest assured, there is no cover charge for the woodland creatures that are looking to dine at outdoor Lido Lounge snack bar. (An outdoor snack bar is not, as far as we know, a feature of the real Lido Lounge.) Here are some furry friends looking for grub, like a disturbing version of Snow White when she sings to the animals.

Thank you to this creative individual, who has given us what is undoubtably the most wholesome thing to come out of Lido’s.

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