Memorabilia Productions goes hard with parties

Haley Morris is the head of Memorabilia Productions, an event planning group that takes partying seriously.

Haley Morris, head of Memorabilia Productions, is experiencing some stress. She’s standing in the middle of the dance floor at tonight’s party venue, surrounded by brightly colored pipes. “This has to come back together somehow, I just took it apart earlier”, she mutters.

The venue is Mahall’s 20 Lanes, a bowling alley in Lakewood that has merged as a prominent music club. Tonight Haley is throwing a dance party titled “Mugendai 89”, a night dedicated to the New Wave and dance music produced in Japan during the 1980’s. The room is full of bright neon squiggle lines, highlighter-bright geometric shapes, and a checkered dance floor. It’s as though you’ve stepped into the animated credits of Saved By the Bell. Right now Haley is attempting to re-assemble what will be the centerpiece of the room’s decor: a huge jungle gym dome that she purchased on Craigslist. The plan is to assemble the structure so it can be covered in Christmas light ropes, but getting all the pieces where they need to go isn’t as straightforward as it first looked. The party starts in a couple hours. It’s all part of throwing an awesome party.

Memorabilia Productions, is a business that envisions and coordinates themed parties and events, and creates lines of fashion-throwback jewelry. The goal of each event is complete environmental immersion. In the past, she’s she created an events around subjects like the 1980’s movie Labyrinth, building re-creations of the movie’s characters to inhabit the room, hung owls from the ceiling, and created an enchanted forest on the dance floor. Other events have revolved around the movies of Baz Luhrman, and the David Lynch series Twin Peaks.

In our CLE Weekend profile video, we talk to Haley about what goes into the creation of her events, and her vision for what makes a great party. (And yes, they built the jungle gym in time.)