The Mushroom Hunter helps you find amazing, edible fungi in your neighborhood

Don King, also known as "The Mushroom Hunter", is an Ohio-based forager and food enthusiast who leads expeditions to find the finest in edible mushrooms.

Meet Don King, also known as The Mushroom Hunter. For years, this chef and self-proclaimed “wild food enthusiast” has been scouring forest floors, examining tree trunks and leaving no stone unturned, looking for edible wild mushrooms.

Starting out armed only with a copy of The Audubon Field Guide to North American Mushrooms he received as a gift, King began teaching himself to identify the types of fungi growing in his neighborhood. With over 6,000 different varieties growing in Ohio alone, there’s always something new to learn.

From pheasant backs to morels, black trumpets to pink bottoms, King loves to find unexpected clusters of new taste possibilities. Currently, he leads group and private mushroom hunts where he can lead you on a foraging expedition, finding specimens to be cooked up in a end-of-day demonstration. You can even make it an overnight experience with a “mushroom camp”.

Get a feel for what this mushroom hunter is all about in our video, and learn more about how you can join an expedition at King’s website.