Ohio artists create art out of a COVID-19 mask in this gallery show

“Keep On Smiling” by Lorrie Jeffries

If you’re going to wear a mask in public, why not make a statement with it?

That’s the thinking behind the Mask-R-Aid show, a current gallery exhibition that invited Northeast Ohio artists to re-imagine the COVID-19 mask as a work of art.

Located at Akron’s Curated Storefront (located in the Bounce Innovation Hub – 526 S Main St, Suite 503A, Akron), the space is a part of the cities effort to fill vacant storefronts with vibrant art exhibits. ¬†Artists answered the call for a creative COVID-19 mask with submissions that ranged from fashion-forward to playful and outrageous. Here’s a few selections from the show.

“COVER UR MOUTH” by Iggy Soliven

This piece included gloves that are “stored” onto the mask itself.

“It’s A Gas” by Cassandra Harner

Pleather and sequins might make breathing more difficult, but it’s not the most painful piece of fashion we can imagine.

“Headhunter Respirator Caps” by Mark Ash Mark

This 3-D printed mask suggests a Mad Max-style look.

“Monster Mask” by Jessica Sheeran

There’s nothing like a mask that can reflect your current mood.

“Rice (from the Skins series)” by Melissa Meier

Appropriately named “Rice”, this mask is made only from two things: rice and glue. (How long did this take?)

You can check out more of the designs on the Curated Storefront website. The show will be on display in city and online until September 25, 2020.

Another kind of local artist…this man built a strip club for squirrels.¬†