This Ohio home has a fake Oval Office, and it can be yours

Do you dream of knowing what it’s like to be the President of the United States, without all that annoying running for office, leading the Nation, and glad-handing for campaign donations?  You may want to purchase this mansion in Mentor, Ohio that comes with its very own fake Oval Office.

Cozy! Photo credit: Zillow

Yes, hidden in a wooded five-acre estate is a nearly ten-thousand square foot home, containing a very close replica of the President’s personal office.

It’s got the seal and everything! Photo credit: Zillow

Think of the great times you could have!

First of all, install a sound system that plays “Hail To the Chief” when you walk through the door.

Look pensively out the window, with your hands behind your back.

Force your family and loved ones to wear suits and burst through the door at various points of the day, saying things like: “The aliens have invaded Japan!” or, “You did it! Peace has officially been declared! The children of the world are outside your window, singing!” or, “Congratulations! You’re the first sitting President to have a top single on the country AND hip-hop charts at the same time!”

Hold movie nights with some of past Presidents favorite movies! You could show “Patton” like Nixon, “The Sound of Music” like Reagan, or “Bloodsport” with your son fast-forwarding through the talking parts, like Trump!

Have the most impressive-looking Zoom meeting backround of all time.

Have a negotiation meeting about who refills the Brita pitcher next. Photo credit: Zillow

So don’t wait around, grab this house today! It’s going for an asking price of $2,695,000, and with a small down payment, this six bedroom, eight bathroom and one fake Oval Office home can be all yours. Then do whatever you want – you’re the (fake) President!

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