The over-the-top cosplay costumes of Wizard World 2019

From Punk Rock Spider-Man to Rio Carnival Wonder Woman, Wizard World Cleveland 2019 had imaginative costumes on display during its cosplay contest.

Wizard World, the yearly convention celebrating all things comic book, fantasy, and otherwise geek culture, is second only to Halloween for costume-spotting in Cleveland.

Cosplaying at comic-cons is almost a sport at this point, with people going all-out to create the most accurate, elaborate and eye-popping role-playing costumes they can. Strolling in between the vendors of comic books, action figures and original artwork could be a punk rock Spider-Man, or Wonder Woman in full Rio Carnival feather gear.

A full weekend event, Saturday night at Wizard World culminates in a cosplay contest, where celebrity cosplay judges grade the parade of homemade pop-culture icons into their personal favorites. Get a taste of the event with our video above.

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