“Paddlefest” celebrates the Cuyahoga River being brought back to life, and fun on the water

The 3rd Annual "Blazing Paddles Paddlefest" was a kayak, paddleboard, and canoe recreational celebration of Cleveland’s historic Cuyahoga River.

For years, Cleveland was famous for the Cuyahoga River. Not for it’s beauty, but for the fact that it was so polluted, it caught on fire in 1969.

Now, after years of dedicated work and environmental actions, the river can once again be enjoyed as one of the things that makes Cleveland unique and vibrant.

The water recreation group Blazing Paddles recently took advantage of Summer weather on the river for the third annual “Paddlefest“, where kayakers, paddleboarders, and canoers had exclusive access to the Cuyahoga River for five hours. Some enjoyed either an 8.6 mile recreational paddle, while others took part in the races (varying from 2, 5.4 and 13-miles) under Cleveland’s historic bridges and on the banks of the downtown area.

If you’re interested in taking part at next year’s Paddlefest, you can check out the Share the River website for ongoing, updated info for the 4th annual event, to be held July 23, 2022.


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