Paper animals & giant wind chimes – Inside the design world of Lauren Skunta

Lauren Skunta is a visual designer and installation artist who's eye is transforming Cleveland.

Lauren Skunta sits at a table in her art studio, carefully gluing strips of brightly-colored paper onto what will be a sculpture of an octopus. It’s part of an eighteen-piece series of sea-themed animals for display at JoAnn Fabrics. When it’s all said and done, she’ll have used a conservative estimate of 10,800 pieces of paper, and put in nearly a thousand hours of labor. No one said art was easy.

A former Anthropologie Display Coordinator in New York, Skunta created lavish and inventive window displays. Years later, she’s expanded her talent to outdoor installation pieces, event design, and most recently, canvas painting from her new headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

Under the company name “Elbowgrease”, she takes on clients need to catch people’s eyes by combining clean tones and design with a mash-up of textures and techniques. See some of the work she’s created in our video interview, and check out her portfolio at Lauren Skunta’s website.

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