Pay what you want (in foreign currency) at McDonald’s this Thursday

Do you have a few spare pesos lying around? A Deutsche Mark laying unused in a drawer? Some post-vacation Loonies rattling around in the change jar? No matter the amount, you can use them to buy McDonald’s limited-time “Around the World” international offerings this Thursday (June 6th), from 2-5pm.

Launching on the 5th, the McDonald’s Around the World menu brings some tastes not normally offered in America to its USA locations. Here’s what’s coming:

Stroopwafel McFlurry (The Netherlands): A vanilla McFlurry with a caramel swirl and chopped Dutch Daelmans Stroopwafel caramel waffle cookie pieces.

Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger (Spain): A quarter pounder topped with “thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, smoky McBacon Sauce, real Gouda cheese and slivered onions”. So, a Quarter Pounder but bacon-y.

Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich (Canada): A fried chicken sandwich topped with tomato & herb sauce, creamy mozzarella cheese, slivered onions, lettuce and sliced Roma tomatoes served on what McDonald’s calls an “artisan roll” – so wheat bread instead of white.

Cheesy Bacon Fries (Australia): Fries with bacon and melted cheddar cheese.

While the offerings aren’t anything too exotic (we’d like to see them bring out New Zealand’s “Georgie Pie”, or India’s veggie “McAloo Tikki Burger”) McDonald’s marketing department is likely a little gun-shy about getting too wild with the limited-amount offerings, ever since the Great Nugget Sauce Crisis of 2018. But still, you can’t beat the event price.

So get out that foreign currency you have kicking around your house (or hey, just get a dollar exchanged at your nearest exchange location), and you can give your foreign currency of any value to the front counter of your local McDonald’s, and receive ONE of the Worldwide Favorites menu items of your choice. 

And remember, be kind to the people working the register.

Event runs from 2-5pm June 6th, 2019 only.

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