This photographer takes stunning portraits with vintage technology

Joseph Wyman is a photographer that steps back into the past by using a photography method that was popular in the 1800's.

Joseph Wyman is a photographer who is taking a cue from the past to make modern-day art. The Pittsburgh-based Wyman uses vintage-style cameras that were in use during the 1800’s to take tintype and ambrotype photographs.

Tintype photography prints an image directly onto thin metal sheets, while ambrotype uses plates of wet glass. The results are striking images in black and white that show the imperfections of the material, while still capturing a high level of detail.

Using an accordion-style box camera, Wyman will throw a black cloth over his head to ensure darkness while he focuses on his subjects. After taking the shot, he takes a quick stop in his portable darkroom, after which he pours developer fluid over the photo, and you can see the image appear before your eyes.

Wyman tours to different cities offering his services. This past week he was at Cleveland Curiosities (13375 Madison Ave, Lakewood), and enjoyed a brisk business of people wanting a unique keepsake. He plans on making a return trip to Cleveland later in the year, around Fall.

You can see more of Joseph Wyman’s work at his Instagram account.

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