Red Wagon Farm celebrates Fall with its Pumpkin Festival

Red Wagon Farm in Columbia Station holds its annual Pumpkin Festival this October, with tractor rides, corn mazes, and plenty of pumpkins.

When the air becomes crisp and cool, and the leaves start to change, it’s pretty much mandatory that every Ohioan feels the call to pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and hot cider. Thanks to places like Red Wagon Farm you can get the whole experience in one location.

A family-owned and operated farm since 1965,┬áRed Wagon Farm (16081 E. River Rd) is located in Columbia Station where they are celebrating the 35th annual Pumpkin Festival. Owned by second-generation farmer Eric Ross and his wife Shari, the farm is best known during the Spring and Summer for their sweet corn and strawberries. During the Fall season, however, it’s pumpkins and apples that become the stars of the season.

Along with produce for sale (including a food tent that offers fresh-cooked treats), Pumpkin Festival has pay-as-you-go attractions like a five-acre corn maze with “check-in” stations (find them all, and you’re entered into a contest drawing), a hayride through woods populated with scarecrows, and a kids maze that is a little less intimidating for small folk than the tall corn stalks. There’s also a play area where kids can climb hay bales, slide down tubes, and jump around in a “pool” of dried corn kernels.

If you’re looking for a value, and feel good about your upper-body strength, there’s a pumpkin patch where you can take as many pumpkins as you like for only $10…as long as you can carry them all out at the same time. Other rules: you have to stand up with them all, with no help, and no stem-holding. “The most pumpkins I’ve seen carried out today? Six,” said Nick Lopez, who monitors the pumpkin patch. “The most I’ve ever seen? Thirteen. The guy was massive.”

Pumpkin Festival begins September 21st, and runs throughout the month of October, from Noon until 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays. So gather up your family, head out to the farm and unwind with a Ohio tradition.