The Roaming Biscuit is traveling the city, bringing great breakfast sandwiches to you

Whether you need brisket, bacon or a good old-fashioned sugar fix, The Roaming Biscuit is upping the breakfast sandwich game in Cleveland.

Shawnda Moye gets excited every time a first-time customer eats one of her breakfast sandwiches. “We’ve got some first timers!” she shouts to the line outside her booth. Moye is the owner of the The Roaming Biscuit,  a Cleveland-based pop-up restaurant that’s been slinging biscuits since 2019.

Started out of the personal desire for a great made-from-scratch breakfast sandwich, Moye and her staff serve a bacon, egg and cheese (The O.G.), a brisket, egg and cheese, and “The Cinnie” – their take on a cinnamon roll. Some surprises will be brought into the menu on special days.

As this is a pop-up shop, dedicated biscuit-heads will need to consult The Roaming Biscuits Instagram or website for the next location spot.

VIDEO BY: Brittney White

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