Rosemary and red wine come together with a smoky twist in the 4th Street Sour

A variation on the New York Sour, Society Lounge's 4th Street Sour creates a sweet and deep twist on a classic cocktail.

While the New York Sour is a cocktail that showcases whiskey, Society Lounge’s (2063 E 4th St) 4th Street Sour puts the spotlight on their housemade rosemary vodka. It gives a herbal twist on a speakeasy classic.

Society Lounge, located down a flight of stairs on East 4th, is a throwback bar that evokes the spirit of the 1920’s. High-end cocktails, and low, buttery lighting hearkens back to a more glamorous era.  Wine, beer, cheese and charcuterie boards are also available.

See a demonstration of the Wild Walker’s build in our video, and you can check out another Society Lounge creation, the Backwoods Old Fashioned, in our Drink This series.