Sandy floors, cold drinks: Mojito Bay brings the style of tropical island life to Lake Erie

Located in the heart of Ohio's Put-in-Bay, tropical tiki bar Mojito Bay serves guests to freshly-made drinks in a warm beach atmosphere.

Quick, answer this: Who sells more mojitos than anyone else in the state of Ohio? If you guessed Mojito Bay (300 Catawba Ave) in Put-in-Bay, chances are you’re already familiar with the tropical tiki vibes that the beach bar has been radiating since 2010.

Step under the thatched roof, grab a freshly-muddled mojito, and take a seat. But why pull up a normal bar stool (although there are plenty around) when you could hang out on the bar side swings, or lounge in the over-sized parrot-themed wooden deck chairs?¬†As soon as you set foot inside the bar you’ll be in a beach frame of mind, as the floors are covered in clean sand. It takes over ten tons of sand to cover the area, and gets raked nightly.

When it comes to drinks, the stars of the show are the mojitos and the frozen drinks. You can choose from over twenty different flavors of mojito, the Cuban-born cocktail that starts with muddled mint, lime wedges and simple syrup and gets finished off with rum, ice and soda water. You can opt for a classic rum version, made with Bacardi Silver, or go for a different taste with dragonberry, cucumber or passion fruit flavors, to name a few. If you’re looking for beer, there’s a healthy selection on hand as well.

In what could be considered the back patio (although it’s all kind of patio when you’re always outside) you can play cornhole with friends (or friends-to-be), or test your skill with the giant Jenga set. If you really want to get tropical, you can grab a new outfit over at the adjacent Put-in-Bay Surf Shop.

Want to take in some live music while you sip and play? There’s an almost-daily line up of musicians playing on the above-bar stage. You can find the complete line-up here.

If you need to switch your mind over to island time, head over to the sands of Mojito Bay.