What we saw at the Cleveland Villain Arts Tattoo Convention

We saw every type of drawing of every kind of thing on every body part at the Cleveland Villain Arts Convention in 2020.

The The Cleveland Villain Arts Tattoo Convention is a celebration of all things ink.

Tattoos were once the realm of sailors, bikers and anyone wanting to look like a big toughie. Now 30% of Americans have at least one piece of inked art on their body. While most people have one or two, others get very serious about turning their skin into a canvas, spending hours (and thousands of dollars) under the tattoo machine.

The Cleveland Villain Arts Tattoo Convention is a weekend haven for tattoo fanatics, artists, and just anyone who wants to get an eyeful of body art. Held yearly at the Huntington Convention Center, in addition to being able to book some inking time with some of the Nations top artists, you can watch a sideshow act, and check out (or be a part of) the nightly competitions.

There are dozens of categories, from Best Portrait, or Best Traditional (think Sailor Jerry style), to Most Unusual. Take a look at some of what we saw in our video, and be happy we blurred the one part out.

Meet one of the most tattooed men in the world in our interview with sideshow and tattoo star The Enigma.