Say hello to the snow leopard cub triplets at the Cleveland zoo

The Cleveland Metropark zoo introduced their 3-month old snow leopard cub triplets to the great outdoors today!

The internet is a tricky place: it slowly turning us into knee-jerk, overly-judgmental argument machines, gradually becoming less and less attached to our fellow human beings. On the other hand, it has a lot of pictures and video of baby animals. Lucky for you, we have some baby animals!

On April 22nd, The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo welcomed the birth of snow leopard cub triplets, and they are as cute as one would hope. The 3-month-old cats had their first day playing outside at the zoo’s newest environment: the “Asian Highlands”. They were timid at first, but quickly overcame their shyness to roll around in the grass and sun.

These little cats don’t yet have names, and that’s where you (yes, YOU!) come in.
By going to the zoo’s website or visiting in person, guests can cast their vote to help name the three-month-old cubs and contribute to species conservation efforts.

Here are the names that you can choose from:

Bodhi – meaning enlightenment
Goji – meaning goji berry, a fruit native to Asia
Nisha – meaning night
Omid – meaning hope
Zara – meaning flower

Funds raised will directly support the Zoo’s conservation efforts to protect snow leopards in Central Asia in partnership with the Snow Leopard Trust. Voting ends at midnight August 7, 2018.