Here’s the scoop on Remixx, an ice cream and cereal bar on Cleveland’s near-Westside

Remixx combines childhood favorites into one sweet location.

Any sugared-cereal fan can tell you that the two best parts of eating cereal are the first crunchy bite, and the last bit of sweetened milk at the bottom of the bowl. At Remixx Ice Cream + Cereal Bar (11512 Clifton Blvd.) you can re-live both sensations at once.

This unique, made-to-order ice cream bar lets you choose your base-flavor cereal (Froot Loops, Golden Grahams and Coco Krispies are just three of the choices) and two “Mixx-Ins” (like cookie pieces, sprinkles or fruit) before mixing everything with soft-serve, creating your own taste sensation. The whole ensemble is capped off with a syrup drizzle topping. You can order your ice cream masterpiece in cone, cup or milkshake form.

You can grab a treat yourself at Rimixx from 4-10pm Monday through Friday, and 2-10pm Saturday and Sunday.

Video by Brittney White

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