See the cars and style of the 80’s in Western Reserve’s RADwood exhibit

80's and 90's lifestyle curators group RADwood present the Western Reserve Historical Society's exhibition of past era's cars, clothes and culture.

Boxy cars, boxy shoulder pads, and plenty of neon-colored shapes and squiggles: you’re knee-deep in the design of the 1980’s and 90’s.

Whether you grew up in the era or not, the over-the-top style has a plenty of fans today. Among the loyal is the car loving group RADwood, who hold 80’s decade-specific auto shows across America. The group has brought their vision to the Western Reserve Historical Society’s new temporary exhibit, titled RADwood: Cleveland Goes Rad.

Using pieces of the collection from Western Reserve and private collectors, the show has such rare examples of 80’s automotive as the first DeLorean to roll off the production line, years before the car was featured in Back to the Future.  Visitors can also see the 1982 PPG Pace Car used in the inaugural Cleveland Grand Prix.

The exhibit runs from the 12th of January until March 24th. For complete information, check out the Western Reserves website.