The smoky magic of Society Lounge’s “Backwoods Old Fashioned”

Smoke infusion in a cocktail goes to a whole new level in Cleveland's Society Lounge. Made with cigar syrup, and a dramatic smoking device, the Backwoods Old Fashioned brings magic to whiskey.

If you like your cocktails with a healthy amount of pageantry and drama, you’ll be in heaven with the Backwoods Old Fashioned.

Society Lounge, located down a flight of stairs on East 4th, is a throwback bar that evokes the spirit of the 1920’s. High-end cocktails, and low, buttery lighting hearkens back to a more glamorous era.¬† Wine, beer, cheese and¬†charcuterie boards are also available.

A creation of the head bartender Misty at Society Lounge (2063 E. 4th), ordering the Backwoods Old Fashioned is also ordering a small floor show, with a unique smoke infusion technique that envelops Johnny Walker Double Black with Backwoods cigar leaf syrup. The smoke doesn’t just lay on the drink, it pours out of the glass decanter like supernatural booze. Check out our video to see it for yourself.

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