The St. Joseph: An Italian-inspired cocktail that’s full of flavor

Sirjoon Elassal of The Spotted Owl in Tremont shows how to create the St. Joseph, a liqueur-intensive cocktail that goes down smooth for our "Drink This" series.

St. Joseph is the namesake of a huge Italian-American celebration in New Orleans, the centerpiece of the party being huge tables of food, special breads, wines, and herbal liqueurs.  It’s those aperitifs and amaros that provide the inspiration behind the St. Joseph cocktail, a drink that’s perfect for a warm night.

In this week’s “Drink This” video series, we have our first collaboration with The Spotted Owl (710 Jefferson Ave), a cocktail bar in the Tremont neighborhood. Bartender Sirjoon Elassal walks us through the drink building process, including a wait-for-it-but-it’s-worth-it lesson in how long to stir a drink.

The Spotted Owl offers a unique bar experience, including the option to order from a “Cocktail Wheel”, where you can have a one-of-a-kind concoction based on your mood and preferred taste profile. If your tastes run to the herbal, with a hint of sweet, then just go ahead and order up a St. Joseph from this Cleveland locale.