Test your dog’s patience with the Puff N Fluff Dog Dryer

A wet dog. You can almost smell it, right?

If you’ve tired of drying off your pooch with fine linens and towels, maybe it’s time to give the Puff N Fluff Dog Dryer a try. It’s like a spacesuit that your dog can wear, that fills with warm air to quickly dry off. You can avoid dripping on the rug after bathtime, and minimize that “distinctive” smell. You can even use it to warm your canine friend after being out in the cold Winter weather.

Also, and maybe most importantly, you can take a million hilarious pictures of your dog wearing a big inflatable bag.

The product is the brainchild of a 3rd grader,┬áMarissa Streng, who envisioned the contained quick-drying device. She appeared on the Steve Harvey Show, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about her canine containment unit. The dryers come in four sizes, from x-small ($34.95) to large ($64.95). You’re buying the bag and hose (or, for the large, hoses), and attaching your own hair dryer. As the website puts it: “The Puff-N-Fluff dog dryer is made by using a rectangle piece of material with four elastic leg holes. The paws are placed through the openings, and then the sides are brought together and easily fastened by a hook & loop. Next, pull the draw strings to close the gap around the head and tail. Virtually any blow dryer can be attached to the flex-hose to let warm air circulate around your dog.”

Sounds simple enough (NOTE: We have not tried it), but that’s likely on a sliding scale to how amicable your dog is to such things. Either way, if you get this thing, your Instagram is going to be PACKED with pictures of the Puff N Fluff in action.