‘Most Stuf’ Oreos have arrived in Cleveland with triple the creme

If you’re the type of person who thinks the creme is the real star of an Oreo cookie, The Most Stuf oreo is the oreo for you.

The internet started buzzing about the limited edition MOST Stuf Oreo earlier this week when they dropped in Rite Aid stores. Of course, we had to get our hands on them and let me tell you, these cookies are hard to find.

We went to every Rite Aid store on Cleveland’s near west side and finally found the ‘Most Stuf’, ON SALE 2/$5  at the Rite Aid in Old Brooklyn (2323 Broadview Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109).

The package says “Most.Creme.Ever.”

Thanks to an oreo sub-Reddit, we know it to be true. This video created by an Oreo enthusiast who compares the “Most”, “Mega”, “Doublestuf”, “Original” and “Thin”.

She literally weighs the creme from each Oreo type.

Thin – .5-1 g

Original – 4 g

Double Stuf – 7 g

Mega Stuf – 9 g

The MOST STUF  –  16 g of creme!


16g of CREME!

110 calories a serving (one cookie).

According to the video, The Most Stuf Oreos are currently only available at Rite Aid but will be available at most other retailers soon.  If there isn’t a Rite Aid store near you and you can’t wait, you can find them on eBay. People are listing the limited edition cookies for about $20.