The wild and weird “Collections” exhibit at the Cuyahoga County Fair

The "Crafts and Collections" barn at the Cuyahoga County Fair is home to some of the most unique presentations of people's hobbies.

If you’re visiting the Cuyahoga County Fair this weekend (19201 E. Bagley Road, Middleburg Heights), be sure to stop by the “Crafts and Collections” barn. Sure, you may have your mind fixated on finding just the right fried cheese, but if you don’t check out the displays of what people have hidden in their homes, you’re missing out.

Covering a very wide spectrum of interests, participants can enter not only their homemade pies and wine to be awarded ribbons, but also their collections of pencils, Legos, and key chains. The result is a unique spectrum of what we keep in our dens and family rooms as a culture.

Check out the video for a gallery-style tour of just a fraction of what the attraction has to offer, and don’t forget to keep your arms inside the rides at all times.