This drink re-creates a PB&J in a cocktail you need to try

Tony Smith, bartender of Spice Kitchen & Bar brings an adult version of the peanut butter & jelly sandwich through his cocktail, the "P Beet & J".

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a classic that most of us grew up eating. Enter the “P Beet & J”, a cocktail that takes all the sense memory of the school lunch staple and transforms it into a refreshing treat. Earthy, but with bright notes and a vibrant color, it gets a lot of attention when it’s carried through the room. While it may sound like a gimmick, the flavor is quality, and one that Spice Kitchen gets a lot of demand for.

Spice Kitchen & Bar (5800 Detroit Ave) is a farm-to-table eating destination that features a rotating seasonal menu that takes its ingredients and inspiration from their on-site hoop house or farm in Cuyahoga National Valley Park. The approach of “Whatever is growing” to building the day’s selections engages the staff’s creativity in the kitchen, but also behind the bar.

Tony Smith, bartender for Spice also needs to take what’s on hand, and transform it into unique cocktails and beverage offerings. This leads to straightforward approaches like juicing and garnishes, and more time-intensive methods, like picking, dehydrating, and marinating. In this and other upcoming “Drink This” videos that focus on Spice, Smith shows off the tricks of the trade they’ve learned that keeps people coming back to see what they’ve concocted next.