Ugly vegetables welcome: Perfectly Imperfect Produce is rescuing food from waste

Perfectly Imperfect is taking food that would be normally thrown away for cosmetic reasons, and putting them on tables.

Perfectly Imperfect Produce is a subscription food delivery service that take the fruits and vegetables that most food suppliers would throw away for purely visual reasons (small external marks, color variations, or size), and sends the “rescued” food to people’s homes. In a single week, they save over 9,000 pounds of food from being thrown away.

By working directly with local farms, wholesalers and compost providers, Perfectly Imperfect tries to create a community-focused sustainable business model. They also donate a percentage of the produce to food pantries in the Cleveland area, helping to distribute healthy options to people who need help.

Started in 2015 by CEO Ashley Weingart out of her concern over how much fresh food was going to the garbage simply due to its visual “perfection”. What started as a delivery service staffed only by herself and her husband is now rapidly growing in scope, and offering a variety of box sizes and contents. The program is the first of its kind, and has attracted the attention of national news outlets.

You can look into the subscription program at their website. 

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