Let’s watch former Cleveland Mayor Mike White watch a performing bear

Former Cleveland Mayor Mike White watches a trained bear perform tricks in front of City Hall in 1990.

Today in “Huh, look at that”, we present this video from Cleveland in 1990.

A simpler time, where the Mayor and his cabinet could be found outside City Hall, watching a man in a windbreaker tracksuit with his performing bear going through their paces.

Please enjoy this minute-long presentation of an unknown man who seems very “Eastern Bloc chic” (that’s a hat he is wearing, he doesn’t have a flat-top hairdo) doing a circus routine with his muzzled bear. The bear even gives former Cleveland Mayor Mike White a big old kissy on the cheek!

This type of trained bear performance, popular for years in Russia and neighboring countries, is now illegal and deemed an unfit way to treat an animal, but hey, “the 90s'” right?