Weird Christmas Album Art: Bargain bin Holiday records

If you love Christmas music, you will never run out of new albums to listen to. Every pop star seems to have put out a collection of seasonal favorites, and countless other minor and major music act has released a bundle of musical yuletide joy.
With such a long history of recorded holiday music being recorded, you are going to run into every take and genre. And some of it is really strange. From polka to hip-hop, folk to disco, here is a collection of some of the weird Christmas album art we've found.

Christmas disco

Montreal Sound - "Christmas Disco Party"

Santa works up a sweat with a would-be Farrah Fawcett on the cover of the very boringly titled “Christmas Disco Party”.

The album is by “Montreal Sound”, a (you guessed it) Canadian duo that only existed to perform this album. One half of this duo was Gerry Bribosia, the man responsible for “Dracula Disco”, so the guy really had a thing for holiday dance music.

Monster Christmas Mash

Christmas Party Players and Orchestra - "Monster Christmas Mash"

Hey, the Monster Mash, but Christmas! Kind of.

Despite the title, it’s not the Bobby Pickett “Monster Mash”, with jingle bells. It’s a whole new song with basically the same title. While this seems like a cheap way to trick children, the song does include the lyric “Deck the halls with lots of bodies”.

Archie Wood and his Friends - "Christmas Album"

Another Canadian gem, this Winnipeg children’s show host called himself “Uncle Bob”, and performed ventriloquism with his puppet pal Archie Wood in the 1960’s. It’s always strange to think that people were entertained by ventriloquism without seeing it performed.

six million dollar man

Six Million Dollar Man - "Christmas Adventures"

Nothing goes together like the 70s’ TV hit The Six Million Dollar Man and Christmas cheer. Not music, but rather a series of Christmas adventure stories! Here’s a story about an elderly German immigrant who gets abused by his employer!

Chabelo - Chabelo en Navidad

This Mexican TV host produced albums throughout the 1980’s, but this one most prominently made you look at his crotch.

pac man christmas

Pac-Man - "Christmas Album"

How many of these albums are just called “Christmas Album”? That lack of imagination does seem in line with Pac-Man’s seasonal offering.

Released in 1980 to capitalize on the massive Pac-Man craze, (it’s actually one of three (THREE!) Pac-Man Christmas albums) it’s a very trippy and disjointed collection of original songs interspersed with a narrative about the Pac family hanging out in their living room.

smurfland christmas

Father Abraham - "Christmas in Smurfland"


Vincent Lopez - "Christmas Music"

Santa suffers a major stroke while Vincent Lopez blissfully plays his Christmas waltz.

Los Tremendos Sepultureros - "El nino del Tambor"

Someone looked at this photo and said “Yes, this is the image we are going with for the cover.”

Why are we so far away? Why does everything look like it’s covered in grease? Why is does that doll look like it was dug up from a trash pile? Is this someone’s last known photograph?

Christmas 2001

Flo Price - Christmas 2001

There’s no on-line audio we could find for religious singer Flo Price’s 1979 album Christmas 2001. That’s likely okay, because what could live up to this painting of a UFO descending on Christmas-loving children?