We went to the first Taco Bell Party in Cleveland, and it was just as we’d dreamed

When we first reported on the Taco Bell Party in Cleveland, the reservations-only “exclusive party” experience, we knew this was something we needed to make happen in our own lives.

taco bell party pack
From the “Feeling Electric” collection

An event/marketing gimmick/excuse to get your friends together instead of watching YouTube alone all night, Taco Bell Party is a weekends-only two-hour party that you can book through Taco Bell’s website. Cleveland is one of ten cities offering the party, at the Taco Bell Cantina location (200 Euclid Ave).

We gathered up some friends and colleagues that also work in social media/internet jobs and booked a spot. (Having these jobs can pay off sometimes.)

We were going to be the first group in the city to hold a party there, and the staff was very excited and cute and took a lot of photos with us throughout the evening. They decorated, as promised, even tying hot sauce packets to the lamps.

With our hosts, managers Faith and Crystal (in the hats), who could not have been nicer.

So you get table decor, balloons, and table service. Is it worth it? Hey, we had fun. Get people together. Hang out, have fun, no matter if you’re going to a sort-of Chuck E. Cheese for adults event or not. Life is short, let’s have a good time together.